Working with Older Adults

Working with Older Adults: Making sense of emotional and mental health problems in later life.

                      A  TWO DAY COURSE

This course is an opportunity to understand how  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques and skills can improve the quality of daily living for older adults and the carers of older adults. This is aimed at people working in a variety of the helping professions, including counsellors, mental health workers, social workers, care and health professionals.

Course Content:  A basic understanding of CBT is useful but not essential to attend this course. We will start with the specific problems which arise when working with older adults and people with early stage dementia. Then look at  therapeutic techniques supported by evidence based research and recommendations of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE). The focus will be upon working with depression and anxiety symptoms in older adults and carers. In particular, how  cognitve and behavioural techniques are adjusted for this client group so that collaborative working is improved and greater long-lasting and effective outcomes are achieved.
How is the course delivered?     Through direct presentation of the CBT models and supporting evidence; application of theory to case study materials; whole and small group exercises and some skills practice based on scenarios arising either from preprepared material and/or incorporating material or examples from within the group. (Anonymised, of course!)

Background resources:   The main model of CBT used is by Laidlaw (2015) and of James (2010)

Course facilitators: Anne Hayward

Venue & Date and Time:  TBA.

Cost: £ 95

Payment:  By Cheque:  make cheques payable to A Hayward (CBTExeter)   and post to    A Hayward @ at The Practice Rooms 15 to 16 Castle Street EXETER Devon EX4 3PT

By ‘Phone: Please email for payment details.

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