CBT: Introduction to Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies


This course is for practising and trainee  counsellors and psychotherapists; health and social care workers; people working with clients who are engaged in CBT and related health care professionals who would find it useful to know more about CBT.

Over 5 days the course will cover basic principles and application of CBT  psychological theory and techniques. There will be mix of theory and practical skill building based on case study material and group exercies. We will consider the appropriateness of  CBT as a therapeutic intervention  for common mental health problems and its place in relation to newly developing approaches, such as  Mindfulness  and Compassionate Mind.

The five days will be delivered via  presentations; individual and  small group exercises and skills building; seminar and discussion. We will look at the practical application of CBT theories  through case study materials.

The main aims of this short introduction to CBT is for participants to understand key concepts and techniques in CBT; to evaluate the efficacy of of cognitive and behavioural approaches to common mental and emotional health problems; knowledge of the rationale for these approaches and how to consider the relevance of CBT to ourselves and for  supporting others undertaking these therapies. This is  useful  for the CBT Professional Certificate.

PRICE: £ 625

Start Date: start date 11th & 12th May 2018; October 5th & 6th
Venue: TBA Exeter
Facilitator: Anne Hayward   BABCP accred.BACP. CPC/UKCP
Contact:  CBTExeter@gmail.com